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Web Pictures Searcher 1.86

It searches the Web for images and download them automatically to our hard disc
1.86 (See all)

Web Pictures Searcher 1.86 is the latest version of this useful shareware program developed by Keronsoft. There is a free trial version ready for downloading from the developer's website. After installing, we can use it for a 30-day period or after downloading 50 images. It searches the Web for all related images in .gif and .jpeg formats and downloads them to our hard disc so we can see them later. It uses the popular Google browser. We must enter a Keyword and press the Search button. Very soon all the images found would appear in the middle window as thumbnails. We can stop downloading at any time. We can preview them in full screen, and select to download only the wanted ones in big size. From the tool bar, we can setup the Options, such as Directory/Picture Names: where the pictures will be stored, names for the pictures, and free hard disc space info; Search options: depth, pictures format, Jpeg and/or Gif, size, width, height and Max KB; Connections: Threads and Server. We can also configure Log in, System, Advanced, Thumbnails, and Contents, etc. It runs under Windows operating system.

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  • It save us a lot of work and time


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